Arthur Roope HUNT

Name: Arthur Roope HUNT  P2008a 
Born: 8 Jan 1843   
Parents: Arthur HUNT  Mary Anne ROOPE 
Died:19 Dec 1914  
Occupation:  Arthur Roope HUNT
Spouse 1Sarah Elizabeth Isabel GUMBLETON
Married 1870
Newton Abbott, Devonshire, England
(Died 1931 Newton Abbott, Devonshire, England)
Arthur Roope Hunt, MA (Cantab), FLS, FGS. Born 8 Jan 1843. Died 19 Dec 1914.

Arthur Roope Hunt was descended from an old Devonshire family, who had resided for generations in or near Dartmouth. He was the son of Mr Arthur Hunt, partner in the firm of Messrs. Hunt, Roope, & Teague, wine exporters of Oporto, and there in 1843, young Hunt was born. But his residence in Portugal was only of brief duration. When only 8 or 9 years of age he left with his parents hurriedly in an English war vessel, as the lives of teh British residents of Oporto were endangered by a revolution. His family settled in Torquay in 1852. Here he commenced his English education under the tuition of the Rev. Townsend Warner.

Those early years must have been happy, for although always a delicate lad, Arthur Hunt enjoyed abundant outdoor pleasures and had many friends willing to share his society and encourage his pursuits.

Mr Hunt displayed much knowledge of engineering, and had his constitution been more robust he might have carried on much more elaborate investigations; but his health forbade it, and he devoted himself to open-air pursuits, chiefly to geology, marine physics and zoology.

He owned a yacht, 'The Gannet', in which he and his friends undertook various scientific excursions around the Devon coast.

At 18 he attended Trinity College Cambridge where, in 1864, he took his degree of MA. He then studied law at the Inner Temple and was called to the Bar, but never practised.

After a few years in the business house of a cousin in the City of London, he abandoned town permanently and settled down, in 1874, at Southwood, Torquay, only varying his residence to visit his estate at Foxworthy, Moreton, Hampstead.

In 1870 he was elected FGS and in 1884 became a fellow of the Linnean Society.

He had a son, Mr C A Hunt, MA, Barrister-at-law, and a daughter, Mrs Ernest Smith.

[Source: Obituary published in the Cambridge Journal

4 Aug 1870 Marriage certificate of Arthur Roope HUNT and Sarah Elizabeth Isabel GUMBLETON Ellacombe Marriage certificate

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