Bertha Florence PELL

Name: Bertha Florence PELL  R0021a 
Born: 7 Oct 1898   
Died:1989 Brentwood, Essex, England
Spouse 1Harry GUMBLETON
Married 1923
St Olave RD, Surrey, England
(Died 1975 Havering RD, Middlesex, England)
Child 1 S0012 Laurence Harry GUMBLETON 1924
1898 Birth of Bertha Florence Pell West Ham RD View details
1 Jun 1939 1939 Register: Bertha F Gumbleton living in Ilford Metropolitan Borough Ilford Metropolitan Borough 1939 Register
1989 May Death registration of Bertha Florence Gumbleton Brentwood, Essex, England Civil registration death registers
19 Jan 1990 Will of Bertha Florence Gumbleton Romford, Essex View details

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