Idmiston, Wiltshire, England

Andrews and Drury's map, 1773
Idmiston is a village on the River Bourne, about 6 miles northeast of Salisbury, in Wiltshire, England. The hamlets of Porton and Gomeldon or Gumbledon are just to the south-west.
All Saints Church, Idmiston, 2003

Events associated with Idmiston, Wiltshire, England

18 Jun 1577 Burial of Johanna GUMBLETON Johanna GUMBLETON Burials index
21 Jun 1577 Burial of Ann GUMBLETON Ann Unknown Burials index
18 Dec 1578 Marriage of William GUMBLETON and Dorathey HELLYER William GOMELDON Marriage index
29 Nov 1579 Baptism of Mary GUMBLETON Mary GOMELDON Baptisms index
11 May 1582 Baptism of Gabriel GUMBLETON Gabriel GOMELDON Baptisms index
2 Sep 1587 Baptism of Christian GUMBLETON Christian GOMELDON Baptisms index

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