Rate Books: Deal Poor Rate Assesment books, 1808

Date: 1808
Place: Deal, Kent

Deal Poor Law Assessment Books, 1808

Beach Street District

John Oakley   10.4 } 34.4      17 1½
for Gumbleton 24   }
The rate was levied on property owners, but tenants are also usually shown in the records. The rate was 6d in the pound, charged on the rental value of the property. John Oakley and Gumbleton are bracketed together: presumably John Oakley is the owner of his own property (worth £10. 4s p.a. rental) and that let to Gumbleton for £24 per annum. Total rental value is £34. 4s and the poor rate (at 6d in the pound) is 17s 1½d.

The above appeared in all the rate books checked for 1808: 22 Jan, 29 Feb, 5 Apr, 30 May, 25 Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, 25 Oct, 1 Dec

Kent Record Office

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