Gumbleton residences: Glencairn Abbey

Glencairn Abbey
The following account was from 'Conna in History and Tradition', published by Conna Community Council.

It is recorded that in 1695 Ballygarron Castle, Glencairn, Lismore, co Waterford passed into the hands of Richard Gumbleton of Kent. He rebuilt the castle and renamed it Castlerichard. He married Anne Warren in 1704. The castle fell into ruins and the family then resided in a manor. According to the Records of Ireland, Richard obtained lands confiscated in 1688.

His son Richard, who married Elizabeth Connor in 1743, was father of Robert Warren of Castleview and Henry of Curraglass House. His other son and successor at Castlerichard, also named Richard, married Frances Anne, daughter of Hamilton O'Hara of Donegal. In 1795 Richard asked master builder John Hogan of Tallow to build a new addition ot the mansion.

Richard GUmbleton of Castlerichard died in 1793 and had one son Richard Edward who died unmarried in 1819 in the Isle of Scio. He renamed the property Glencairn Abbey and was the last of hte GUmbletons to reside there. On his death, his eldest sister Lavinia and her husband, Henry Amyas Bushe, became the owners.

In 1832 the Cistercian monks began to build Mount Melleray Abbey, Cappoquin and in 1926 Castlerichard was purchased by the Lord Abbot Dom Maurus O'Phelan as a convenyt for Cistercian nuns. It was renamed St Mary's abbey but was badly damaged by fire 1973.

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