State papers: Grant from Queen Ann 1604

Grant from Queen Ann 1604

we are pleased to give unto Willm. Gomeldon and Danyell Bacheler, grooms of our privie chamber, a chest of arrows which is fallen due unto us as a wreck cast up by the sea within our Manor of Portland and Weeke in the County of Dorset.
Wherefore we will that you give them warrant for the having and enioyinge thereof according to this our pleasure. And this shall be the warrant. Given at our palace of Whitehall this tenth of May 1604.

To our right trustie and right welbeloved the Lord Cecyll our Highe Steward, the lord Sydney our lord Chamberleine, and Sir George Carewe Knight our Vice Chamberleine, or to any one of them.

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic
May 1604

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