State papers: Collection of unpaid monies for Palatinate

1629 Petition of William Gomeldon, His Majesty's servant, to the council. That he has discovered 166L of the contribution money collected in Norwich for recovery of the Palatinate to be still remaining unpaid in the hands of Francis Cock, then collector. Prays that the collector may be sent for by a messanger to render an account of this money now detained and concealed in his custody for seven years.
Petition of the same to the same. That many of the collectors who were employed in gathering contributions for recovery of the Palatinate are unknown, no record being kept of their names as it was a voluntary gift by the council's letters, and no man urged to give more than he pleased. I being employed by His Majesty to look after all arrears remaining in the collectors' hands and see the money brought into the receipt as was intended, desire the council's letters to the Judges of Assize to cause the Custos Rotulorum and JPs in every county to certify the collectors' names and what was given in their several divisions.

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