Other wills and administrations: Will of Joan Gomeldon of Britford, 1587

Gomeldon, Joan; Britford; 1587; Inventory; Will; P5/1587, P5/4Reg/142E


In the moneth of September, in the year of our Lord God one thousand fyve hundred three score and nineteen Jone Gomeldon daughter of Robert Gomeldon the elder of the of parish of Byrtford in the countie of Witshire being of good and perfitt memory but weake in bodie did declare her last will nun cupatyve in manner and forme followinge. Imprimis she did bequeathe her soul unto the mercyfull hands of allmighty God, and her bodie to the earthe. Item she did give and bequeathe to our mother in lawe Avys Gomeldon her best partlett. Item she did give and bequeathe to Edith Gomeldon one pottenger. Item she did give and bequeathe unto Margerie Gomeldon an old worsterd kertell. Item she did give and bequeathe unto Edith Sevill the wife of Edward Sevill her best red petycoate. Item she did give and bequeathe unto James Wrasley[?] two littell gy[...]owes of silver. Item she did give and bequeathe unto Robert Gomeldon her kinsman the annyitie of twentie shillinge by the yere for certayn yeres then to come which her father the said Robert Gomelton the elder gave unter her the said testatrix and of a lease of the moyetie of a certayne tenament in Britford aforesaid. All the rest of her goods both movable and unmovable she did give and bequeathe unto the said Robert Gomeldon her kinsman whom she did nominate and make her whole executor of this her last will nun cupative. In the presence and hearing of Thomas Wrasley[?] gent. and Bridget his wife and Silvester Browne with others.

Probat. fuit. etc [trans: probate of the nun cupative will of the above written Joan Gomeldon daughter of Robert Gomeldon deceased formerly whilst she lived of the parish of Britford...]
Value £5 4s 29 Apr 1587


The inventory of all and singular the goods cattles and debts of Joan Gomeldon the daughter of Robert Gomeldon late the elder late of Britford in the county of Wiltshire deceased. taken and [ap]praised by Thomas Wrasley gent, John Gomeldon, John Shepherd the elder and Rich. Lowe the fowerth day of May in the nine and twentieth year of the reign of our severeign lay Elizabeth by the grace of God of England France and Ireland Queen defender of the faith etc. 1587.

Imprimis 1 russett cassock[?]vi s
Item 1 old wosterde kertle xvi d
Item a red pettycoate iiis
Item a purse and a pair of gloves v d
Item ii smockes iii s
Item ii partletts ii s
Item ii kercheives xii d
Item ii aprons xii d
Item a pair of hoses and a pair of shewes xx d
Item a platter and a pottenger xviii d
Item ii gym[...]oes of silver vi d
item in old broken silver iii d
Item an old coffer xvi d
Item one annuity or yearly rent due by Avis Gomeldon alias Grey the late wife of Robert Gomeldon deceased being behind for nyne[?] years at Christmas last past.
Total £v ivs

Exhibited by Robert Gumbleton the executor on 13th day of May 1587.


It is not clear why the will was nuncupative (ie given orally). This usually implied that the testatrix was on her deathbed. However, this one seemed to have been made in 1569 but proved in 1587. Perhaps significantly, the will was made the same year her father died.
Robert Gomeldon = (1) Unknown (2) Avys Grey
the elder       |
             Joan                                  Edith    Margerie    Robert Gomeldon
             Gomeldon                                                   Kinsman

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