US 1880 census

The US 1880 census was taken in June 1880. So far, we have had access to only a small number of records but, for each household, we have recorded the names of the occupants, their ages, place of birth and occupation.

New Utrecht, Kings, New York

Earn Gumbleton Head 44 Ireland Blacksmith
Mary Gumbleton Wife 34 Ireland Keeping house
Mary Gumbleton Dau 12 England At school
Michael Gumbleton Son 8 New York At school
Eugene Gumbleton Son 6 New York At school
John Gumbleton Son 4 New York At home
Joseph Gumbleton Son 1 New York At home

New Orleans, Louisiana

Mary Gumbleton Head 60 Ireland At home
Ellen Lynch Servant 25 Ireland Servant
Patk Joyce Boarder 19 La Clerk in grocery
Terranc F Ward Boarder 25 La Clerk in grocery
Albert Fruits Boarder 27 La Baker
Sarah Fruits Boarder 22 La Seamstress

Boston, Massachusetts

Wheeler Cable Head 42 Connecticut, USA Supt. Aetna Mills
Mary E Cable Wife 41 Connecticut, USA Keeping house
William J Cable Son 18 Connecticut, USA Clerk in store
Samuel H Cable Son 11 Rhode Island, USA At school
Maggie Gumbleton Servant 45 Ireland Servant

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