Name: Owen GUMBLETON  P0147 
Born: ca. 1833  Carrigtohill, Co. Cork, Ireland
Baptised: 30 Aug 1833  Carrigtohill, Co. Cork, Ireland
Spouse 1Mary Unknown
Child 1 Q0169 Eugene GUMBLETON ca. 1874
Child 2 R0176 William J GUMBLETON ca. 1895
Emigrated to US in 1871.

The use of Owen is a christian name is unusual in Ireland and, in combination with Gumbleton, severely narrows down the number of people who share the name. We have assumed that the Owne Gumbleton who emigrated to America is the same person as the one baptised in 1833. The ages in the US census are a few years different, so the association cannot be regarded as definitive. It is, however, likely either that Owen Gumbleton made an error in his own age or that the first Owen Gumbleton died and the same family had another child called Owen a couple of years later. 

30 Aug 1833 Baptism of Owen GUMBLETON Carrigtohill, Co. Cork, Ireland Baptisms index
1 Apr 1880 Earn Gumbleton (age 44) living in New Utrecht, Kings, New York in US_1880 census New York, USA, New York, USA US_1880 census
1 Jan 1900 Owen GUMBLETON (age 65) living in New York: Kings; Brooklyn, New York City, Ward 30 in US_1900 census New York, USA, New York, USA US_1900 census
1 Jan 1910 Owen GUMBLETON (age 74) living in New York: Kings, Brooklyn, Ward 7. Convent of the Sisters of Mercy in US_1910 census New York, USA, New York, USA US_1910 census

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