Newspapers and journals: Death notice of Sir Robert Tristram Ricketts

Death of Admiral Sir Robert Ricketts - This event took place on Thursday, at the Elms, where, for many years past this gallant and distinguished officer had resided. Sir Robert Ricketts was born in 1772, and entered the navy at a very early period--serving through the whole of the French war, and assisting, in 1815, at the reduction of Fort Boyer. He was created Baronet in 1826, and attained the rank of vice-admiral of the blue in 1841. Sir Robert married, in 1802, a daughter of Richard Gumbleton Esq of Glencairn Castle, county Waterford; and has been succeeded in his baronetcy by his son Cornwallis, born 1803, who is a commander in the navy. - (Cheltenham Looker-on)

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post (Issue 4002)
25 Aug 1842


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