Sir Robert Tristram RICKETTS

Name: Sir Robert Tristram RICKETTS  N1001a 
Born: 1772   
Died:16 Aug 1842  
Buried: 1842  Swindon (Nr Chelten8), Gloucestershire, England
Spouse 1Rebecca Eliza GUMBLETON
Married 15 May 1802
Bathwick St Mary, Somerset, England
(Died 1859)
A baronetcy was created in 1828 for Sir Robert Tristram Ricketts, an admiral in the Royal Navy who served the Napoleonic Wars and in the War of 1812.

Ricketts: Vice Admiral Sir Robert Tristram Rickets, bart. was a distinguished Naval officer of upwards of sixty years' standing. He is usually stated to have been born in the year 1772, but as he entered the Navy in 1780, it is highly probable that he was somewhat older than was generally supposed during his lifetime. In thirteen years after his entrance into the Navy, he received his commission as lieutenant; and in the month of October, 1804, was promoted to the rank of post-captain. He subsequently commanded the Ville de Paris, San Joseph, and Hibernia, as flag-captain to the celebrated admirals, Cornwallis, Sir Charles Cotton and Lord St Vincent. On the 15th May 1802, he married Rebecca, the daughter of Richard Gumbleton Esq., of Glencairn castle, county of Waterford, by whom he had four sons and four daughters. In 1813, Captain Ricketts was appointed to the Vengeur, of 74 guns, and towards the close of the succeeding year was employed in conveying a reinforcement of troops to the army before New Orleans; while in command of the same vessel, in 1815, he landed, and led a detachment of seamen to assist at the reduction of Fort Boyer. For his zeal and exertions on theis occasion he was officially noticed by Sir Alexander Cochrane in his Dispatch. On the 15th of February, 1828, he received a patent of baronetcy, and in the year 1830, became a rear-admiral. In November, 1841, he was raised to the rank of vice-admiral, which he lived but a short time to enjoy. He expired at his residence, Elms, near Cheltenham, where he had lived for many years, on the 18th of August, 1842. After his decease, Mr Newton (who married the baronet's eldest daughter) charged Lady Ricketts, her solicitor, his two clerks, and a visiting surgeon, with forging the will, which was then published as that of the deceased admiral. This charge was investigated before the Cheltenham magistrates, and after several days' examination, the case was dismissed.

Source:Dodd; The Annual Biography: Being Lives of Eminent Or Remarkable Persons who Have Died Within the Year 1842

MI Swindon, Gloucestershire 

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