Newspapers and journals: Report of probate of James Colmer

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 14 October 1897

Mr James Colmer
Probate of the will of the late Mr James Colmer, JP, founder and chairman of James Colmer, Limited, Bath, who died at his residence, Redland Knoll, Bristol, on the 13th August, has been granted to three of the executors, viz, Mr James Henry Colmer (son), Mrs Fanny Elizabeth Eyre (daughter), and Mr C B Thring (solicitor). The will is dated August 14th, 1896, and there are two codicils made on the 9th March and on the 11th August, 1897, respectively. The will appoints Mr J E Colmer, Mrs Eyre, and Mr W N Troy, of Hammersmith, trustees, and provides that there shall never be less than three trustees. The first codicil adds the name of Mr C B Thring to the trustees.

The testator leaves an immediate legacy of £200 to his wife, Lydia, and authorises her to select for use during her life such household effects, horses, carriages, etc, as she hall care for, in addition to wines, etc, which are given to her. There are £100 or £200 legacies for nephews and nieces, legacies for friends and for servants, and an annuity of £400 is provided for the wife. A legacy of £500 is left to the Royal United Hospital, and the residue of the estate is to be divided equally between the children and the two grandchildren, children of the deceased daughter, Florence.

The second codicil revises the conditions under which Mrs Colmer is to select articles for her own use, and specifies that certain articles are to go to Mr J H Colmer and to Mr Eyre, and two or three others, subject to these exceptions, the provision in the will is to hold good to the extent of £500 , the articles so selected to go at the wife's death to the children.

The gross value of the personalty, including leaseholds, is sworn at £145,579 5s 11d, and the net value at £140,914 11s 9d.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette
14 Oct 1897

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