James Butler COLMER

Name: James Butler COLMER  P0007a 
Born: ca. 1831  Alvington, Devonshire, England
Parents: William COLMER Jane BUTLER
Died:1897 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Spouse 1Frances Charlottte JARVIS
Married 29 Jan 1853
Kensington RD, Middlesex, England
(Died 1862 Kensington RD, Middlesex, England)
Child 1 P1854 Fanny Elizabeth COLMER ca. 1854
Child 2 P1856 Ellen Jane COLMER ca. 1856
Child 3 P1857 Florence COLMER ca. 1857
Child 4 P1858 Marion D COLMER ca. 1858
Child 5 P1859 Ann Butler COLMER ca. 1859
Spouse 2Lydia GUMBLETON
Married 10 Mar 1863
Hampstead RD, Middlesex, England
(Died 30 Mar 1907 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England)
Child 1 Q0600 James Henry COLMER 1865
Child 2 Q0602 Jessica Lydia Butler COLMER 1866
Child 3 Q0601 Clara COLMER 1867
Child 4 Q1868 Lucy Mary COLMER 1868
Child 5 Q0603 Lillian Ada COLMER 1869
Child 6 Q2869 Robert Boning Butler COLMER 1870
Child 7 Q0604 Gertrude COLMER 1872
James Butler Colmer was chairman of a large department store in Bath.

James Colmer married Fanny Charlotte JARVIS 29 Jan 1853. Their children were:

  • Fanny Elizabeth
  • Marion
  • Anne Butler
  • Ellen Jane
  • Florence Colmer b 1857 d March 13 1885 m James West Savery Jan 12 1882
Fanny died and James married Lydia GUMBLETON. They had further children:
  • James Henry COLMER born 26 Dec 1865 died 8 December 1939
  • Clara COLMER b.1867 d. 1932 = Stanley Smith [b. 1870 d. 1932] son Reginald Stanley, dau. Doreen Lucy.
  • Jessica Lydia Butler COLMER b.1866 who died young on 24 June 1913 Missionary Sydney Aus.
  • Lillian Ada COLMER b.1869 d. 1930 = 1900 William Vaughan Jenkins [b. 1869 d. 1920]. Children: Gladys V Jenkins 1903; Frederick V Colmer Jenkins 1906
  • Robert Boning Butler COLMER b. 1870 Bath. Died as an infant 1871
  • Gertrude COLMERborn 1872 Bath died 24 September 1948 married 2 May 1900 Henry James Rickards.
James Butler Colmer died in 1897 and in his will his residence was given as Redland Knoll, Bristol. His estate was valued at £145,579. After his death, James Henry Colmer, his son, became managing director of the firm.

James Butler Colmer's estate was left in trust for the benefit of the children of both his marriages. The trust could not be wound up until 1964, when Leonard Smith, the husband of James Butler Colmer's grand-daughter, Frances Philipa Lizzie SAVERY, died at the age of 92. The Trust solicitors needed to contact all surviving direct descendants of both James’ wives, Frances and Lydia. 

Thanks to Chris Rickards for information about the Colmer family

7 Apr 1861 James Colmer (age 30) living in 4, Heath St, Hampstead in 1861 census Hampstead, Middlesex, England 1861 census
10 Mar 1863 Marriage certificate of James Colmer and Lydia Gumbleton Hampstead Marriage certificate
26 Oct 1864 Named as a witness in marriage certificate of Josiah William Dornford Gumbleton and Lydia Steele St John, Westminster, Middlesex Marriage certificate
3 Apr 1881 James COLMER (age 50) living in 31 High St, Barnstaple in 1881 census Barnstaple, Devonshire, England 1881 census
3 Mar 1882 James Butler COLMER referenced in Will of Richard Gumbleton Hammersmith, London View details
5 Apr 1891 James Colmer (age 60) living in Redland Knoll, Redland Rd, Barton Regis, Bristol in 1891 census Bristol, Gloucestershire, England 1891 census
1897 Death of James Colmer Barton Regis RD View details
19 Aug 1897 Account of funeral of James Colmer Clifton, Bristol View details
14 Oct 1897 Report of probate of James Colmer Bath, Somerset View details

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