Other miscellaneous: Death certificate of Henry Gumbleton,1879

Date and place of death:31 December 1878, Berthong
Name and occupationHenry Gumbleton; Farmer
Sex & ageMale; 63 years
Cause of death; Duration of last illness; Medical attendant; When he last saw deceased:
  1. Hepatitis. Chronic inflamation of the kidneys.
  2. 6 weeks
  3. J R Combe MD
  4. 25 December 1878
Name and occupation of father. Name and maiden surname of mother
  1. Henry Gumbleton
  2. Labourer
  3. Not known
InformantSamuel Gumbleton. By Information. Son.
Particulars of registration20 January 1879; Young
When and where buried; name of undertaker1 Jan 1879; Cootamundry; Samuel Gumbleton
Name and religion of minister and names of witnesses of burialGustavus Thompson, Wesleyan Church. G Ellis, John Izzard
where born and how long in Australian colonies or states:England. 41 years in New South Wales
Place of marriage, age and to whom:Not known; 22 years; Jane Oxford
Children of marriage:2 sons living
8 females living
2 males deceased
2 females deceased

20 Jan 1879

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