Other miscellaneous: Death certificate of Sophia Rootes, 1910

Date:13 Apr 1910
Place of death:Hornsby Shire, Well Street, Thornleigh
Name:Sophia Rootes
Occupation:Invalid pensioner
Cause of death:Mitral regurgitation of the heart, Syncope
Duration:15 years
Medical attendant:CFH Rygate, 12 Apr 1910
Mother's maiden name:Jane Oxford
InformantMary Mitchell, daughter, Belview Street, Thornleigh; Henry Rogers; Registered 18 Apr 1910, Chatswood
When buried:15 Apr 1910
Where buried:Methodist cemetery, Pennant Hills
Undertaker:William Metcalf & Co
Minister:Herbert A Allen
WitnessesClive Rogers, Henry Rogers
where born:Camden Park, NSW
Place married:Camden Park, NSW
Age at marriage:23
Spouse:William Rootes
Children of marriage:Ada L, 42; Sivyer H, 40; John J, 39; Mary, 36; Annie, 33; Minnie, 31; Arthur, 28; Clara Y, 25, Eva A, 23, living. 2 males deceased

13 Apr 1910

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