Other miscellaneous: Britford, Wiltshire protestation return

Men were expected to make an oath of loyalty to the King. The returns list the men who took the oath. These included:
  • Grumbleton Robert
  • Gumbleton Edmund
  • Gumbleton John Sen
The wording was: 'I [name], in the presence of Almightie God, promise, vow, and protest to maintaine and defend, so farre as lawfullie I may, with my Hfe, power, and estate, the trne Reformed Protestant Religion expressed in the Doctrine of the Church of England, against all Poperie and Popish Innovations within this Realme contrarie to the same Doctrine and according to the dutie of my Allegiance [to] his Ma'ties Royall person, honor, and estate. As also the Power and Privileges of Parliament, the lawfull rights and Liberties of the subject, and every person that maketh this Protestation in whatsoever hee shall doe in the lawfull pursuence of ye same. And to my power, and as farre as lawfullie I may, I will oppose, and by all good waies and meanes indeavor to bring to condigne punishment all such as shall either by Force, Practise, Counsells, Plotts, Conspiracies, or otherwise do anie thing in this present Protestation contained. And further, that I shall in all Just and honorable waies endeavor to preserve ye Vnion and Peace between the three Kingdomes of England, Scotland, and heland. And neither for hope, feare, nor other respect, reliquish this promise, vow, and Protestation.'

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