Name: John GOMELDON  E0001 
Spouse 1Unknown UNKNOWN
Child 1 F0002 Roger GOMELDON
The Gomeldon family held lands in Porton, Wiltshire, dating back to at least the fourteenth century, as recorded in various ' Inquisitions Post Mortem' (see the Wills and Probate section for details). It is likely that this same property was passed down to John GOMELDON of Porton, who is believed to be the father of Roger Gomeldon [F0002] and other children. In particular, Roger’s will of 1547 mentions his 3 brothers. They are not named, but two of them might be the Thomas Gomeldon and Harry Gomeldon, who are mentioned. He also names his 'brother Coxe', who is presumably a brother-in-law. So it is likely that John had at least 5 children:
  • Roger [F0002], died 1547
  • Thomas
  • Harry
  • An unnamed son
  • An unnamed daughter who married Mr Coxe
1664 & 1667 John GOMELDON referenced in London Pedigrees & coats of arms 1664 & 1667 London View details

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