Name: Mary THISTLETHWAITE  G0008a 
Buried: 25 Jan 1664  Winchester St Michael, Hampshire, England
Spouse 1William GOMELDON
Child 1 H0006 William GOMELDON ca. 1611
Child 2 H0014 Ludlowe GOMELDON ca. 1612
Child 3 H0013 Anna GUMBLETON ca. 1613
Child 4 H0007 Lucy GOMELDON ca. 1614
Child 5 H0008 Barbery GOMELDON ca. 1615
Child 6 H0009 Sara GOMELDON ca. 1618
Child 7 H0010 Carey GOMELDON ca. 1620
Child 8 H0011 Dorothy GOMELDON ca. 1621
Child 9 H0012 Elizabeth GOMELDON ca. 1628
Mary Thistlethwaite was the daughter of Alexander Thistlethwaite of Winterslow, Wiltshire, and his wife Maria. She married William Gomeldon [G0008] although the date and place of the marriage have not been found.

She is mentioned in the Wiltshire Visitation Pedigrees of 1623 which gives details of the Thistlethwaite family. This names her as "Maria uxor Willi Gomelton [de com Wilts] servientis Reg: Annae" (Mary, the wife of William Gomelton of the county of Wiltshire, servant to Queen Anne".

She and her husband had at least nine children between 1611 and 1628.

She is probably the "Mrs widow Gumbleton", buried in Winchester St Michael, Hampshire, on 25 Jan 1664. 

1623 Mary THISTLETHWAITE referenced in Wiltshire Visitation Pedigrees 1623 View details
25 Jan 1664 Burial of Mrs widow Gumbleton Winchester St Michael, Hampshire, England Burials index

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