Name: Joyes GOMELDON  H0001 
Born: ca. 1606   
Baptised: 26 Mar 1606  St Benet Fink, Middlesex, England
Parents: Roger GOMELDON Cicily WILCOX
Spouse 1William ATTERBURY
(Died 1660 St Andrew Undershaft, Middlesex, England)
Joyes (or Joice) Gomeldon was a daughter of Roger GOMELDON [G0004] and his wife Cicily (nee WILCOX) [G0004a]. She was baptised 26 Mar 1606 at St Benet Fink church, in the City of London. St Benet Fink was located in what is now Threadneedle Street, but was ultimately destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666.

In 1618, on the death of her father, she received a one fifth share of one third of the value of his assets, under the terms of his will.

On 28 May 1633 she married William Atterbury (or Atterburie) (the son of Lewis Atterbury and Mary, nee Harvey) at the church of St Andrew Undershaft, in the City of London. They had six known children. 

26 Mar 1606 Baptism of Joyes GOMELDON St Benet Fink, Middlesex, England Baptisms index
19 Nov 1618 Joyes GOMELDON referenced in Will of Roger Gomeldon 1618 London View details
28 May 1633 Marriage of Joyce GOMBLETON and William Atterburie St Andrew Undershaft, Middlesex, England Marriage index
1647 Joyes GOMELDON referenced in Will of Cicily Gomeldon of St Mary Axe London View details
10 Oct 1678 Joyes GOMELDON referenced in Will of Richard Gomeldon of London London View details

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