Mrs Catherine QUIN

Name: Mrs Catherine QUIN  M1003b 
Parents: Standish O'GRADY  Mary HUNGERFORD 
Spouse 1George Conner GUMBLETON
Married 1792
(Died 1796)
Mrs Quin was Catherine Grady, married first in 1784 to Rev. John Quin who died in 1789 with no issue, and then in 1792 to George Gumbleton [see Freeman's Journal 1792]. Her father had the lease of Cappercullen in 1759 from Lord Carbery, ‫and two further ancestors were both called Standish, the first having taken the lease of Elton, co. Limerick, in 1673. [Source: info supplied by J Peter Swann] 
1792 Mrs Catherine QUIN referenced in Marriage licence bonds (Ireland), 1792 View details
13 Jun 1792 Mrs Catherine QUIN referenced in Marriage notice of George Gumbleton, 1792 Co Waterford, Ireland View details

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