Name: James ARNOLD  N0007 
Born: Before 1780   
Note: Information about later generations may be excluded for reasons of privacy
Spouse 1Lucy EDWARDS
Married 10 Mar 1796
Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire, England
Child 1 N0003 Anne ARNOLD ca. 1796
Child 2 N0008 James ARNOLD ca. 1798
Child 3 N0005 Edward ARNOLD ca. 1799
Child 4 N0030a Elizabeth ARNOLD ca. 1801
Child 5 O0028 Matilda ARNOLD ca. 1803
Child 6 O0006 Charles ARNOLD ca. 1805
Child 7 O0023 Lydia ARNOLD ca. 1807
Child 8 O0017 Harriot ARNOLD ca. 1809
Child 9 O0018 Harriot ARNOLD ca. 1810
Child 10 O0029 William ARNOLD ca. 1812
Child 11 O0008 George ARNOLD ca. 1814
Child 12 O0024 Maria ARNOLD ca. 1818
Married 10 Mar 1796, Donhead St. Mary, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses John Green & Susannah Blandford 

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