Name: Harriet GUMBLETON  P0071 
Born: 21 Feb 1851  Newington RD, Surrey, England
Parents: Josiah GUMBLETON Lydia REVELL
Died:ca. 1935 Newington RD, Surrey, England
Occupation:  Harriet GUMBLETON
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Spouse 1Alexander LITTLEPAGE
Married 7 Nov 1872
Port of Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago
Harriet GUMBLETON daughter of Josiah William Dornford GUMBLETON and Lydia REVELL was born 21 Feb 1851.

In the 1851 census, she was 1 month old and living with her parents in Tiverton Street, Newington. In 1861, she was with them in Farnham High Street.

In 1871, she was staying with the SIMONS family in Toft, Cambridgeshire.

She married Alexander George Beverley LITTLEPAGE, 7 Nov 1872, at Trinity Church, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

They had 5 children:

  • Hardwin Stewart LITTLEPAGE b 1873.
  • Eva Maria LITTLEPAGE (b.1875; d.1875)
  • Beverley Burnley LITTLEPAGE, born 1876. In 1891 he was staying with the Mecham family at 7, Kitto Rd, Deptford, Kent. Beverley B Littlepage was married in Edmonton in 1910. Died 1960.
  • Cyril Alexander LITTLEPAGE, born March 1878 at Port of Spain, Trinidad. He died 1962.
  • Jessica May LITTLEPAGE (1880-1919)
  • Gertrude Maude LITTLEPAGE (1882-1957)
1851 Mar Qr Birth registration of Harriet GUMBLETON Newington RD (Registration district), Surrey, England Civil registration birth registers
21 Feb 1851 Birth certificate of Harriet Gumbleton Newington, Surrey, England Birth certificate
30 Mar 1851 Harriet GUMBLETON (age 1m) living in 4 Tiverton Street, Newington in 1851 census Newington, Surrey, England 1851 census
7 Apr 1861 Harriet Gumbleton (age 10) living in High St, Farnham in 1861 census Farnham, Surrey, England 1861 census
1 Feb 1863 Named as a witness in marriage certificate of Samuel Mecham and Mary Anne Gumbleton Camberwell Marriage certificate
2 Apr 1871 Harriet GUMBLETON (age 19) living in Toft, Cambridgeshire in 1871 census Toft, Cambridgeshire, England 1871 census
7 Nov 1872 Marriage of Harriet GUMBLETON and Alexander George Beverley Littlepage None Marriage index
1872 Marriage of Harriet Gumbleton, 1872 Port of Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago View details

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