1851 Census for England & Wales

The 1851 census was held on the night of Sunday 30 March 1851. For each household, we have recorded the names of each occupant and their relationship to the head of household, their age, marital status, occupation and place of birth.

44 Grosvenor Row Pimlico

Richard GUMBLETON Head 49 Mar Grocer Ilchester, Somerset
Mary GUMBLETON Wife 45 Mar Havant, Hants
Richard GUMBLETON Nephew 14 Un Grocer London, Middlesex
Herbert Whitnale Shopman 21 Un Grocer Hertfordshire
James Ferrett Porter 17 Un Porter Middlesex, Fulham
Mary Strong House servant 24 Un House servant Middlesex, Fulham

29 Holywell Lane, Shoreditch

John GUMBLETON Head 29 Mar Corn dealer St John Horsely Down
Eliza GUMBLETON Wife 30 Mar Walworth
Eliza Alice GUMBLETON Dau 9 Walworth
John James GUMBLETON Son 6 St George in East
Jessie GUMBLETON Dau 4 St George in East
Alice GUMBLETON Dau 5 m Shoreditch

Heath St Hampstead

Ann GUMBLETON Head 70 Wid Retired Ilchester
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Dau 30 Un Milliner Ilchester
Maria GUMBLETON Dau 28 Un Milliner Ilchester
Lydia GUMBLETON Niece 14 Apprentice London
Sarah MAYES Serv 20 Un Servant Bedfordshire

12 College Hill, St Martin, London

(HO107/1530 fol 203)
Sarah MILLINGTON Head 48 Un Governess Middlesex, Holborn
Harriet GUMBLETON 34 Un Bermondsey Surrey, Bermondsey

4 Tiverton Street, Newington

Josiah GUMBLETON Head 42 Mar Shoe maker Kent, Deal
Lydia GUMBLETON Wife 42 Mar Middlesex, Poplar
Joseph GUMBLETON Son 17 Un Middlesex, Marylebone
Mary Ann GUMBLETON Daur 11 Scholar, British & Foreign Surrey, Walworth
Henry GUMBLETON Son 8 Scholar, British & Foreign Lancashire [sic], Ibstock
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Daur 5 Day scholar Middlesex, St Martin
Robert GUMBLETON Son 2 At home Kent, Greenwich
Harriet GUMBLETON Daur 1m Surrey, Newington

Long Critchell, Dorset

(HO107/1854 f22 p8)
Samuel GUMBLETON Head 69 Wid Receiving parish relief. Late ag. lab Bishopston Wilts
William GUMBLETON Son 23 Un Ag. Lab. Long Critchell

Long Critchell, Dorset

(HO107/1854 f22 p8)
George GUMBLETON Head 33 Mar Ag lab Long Critchell
Uri GUMBLETON Wife 28 Mar Martin Wilts
Henry GUMBLETON Son 4 Scholar Long Critchell
Mark GUMBLETON Son 2 Long Critchell
Ellen GUMBLETON Dau 10 m Long Critchell
Ann Ferrett Nurse 24 Mar Nurse Yeovil

Bell St, Shaftesbury

Charles GUMBLETON 26 Lab. Horsekeeper Shaftesbury
Ann GUMBLETON 24 Laundress Wimborne
Sarah GUMBLETON 2 m Shaftesbury

Olive Yard, Shaftesbury

Robert GUMBLETON 65 Pauper, Late ag lab Shaftesbury
Francis GUMBLETON 56 Laundress Shaftesbury
Jane GUMBLETON 25 Un Laundress Shaftesbury
John GUMBLETON 19 Un Ag Lab Shaftesbury
Mary GUMBLETON 13 Scholar Shaftesbury

Parsons Pool, Shaftesbury

Elizabeth UPJOHN Head
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Visitor 17 General Servant Shaftesbury

Piddlehinton, Dorset

George GRUMBLETON Head 47 Mar Ag lab (carter) Handley
Jane GRUMBLETON Wife 51 Mar Work on the farm Milborne St Andrew
Joseph GRUMBLETON Son 19 Un Work on the farm Milborne St Andrew
Elizabeth GRUMBLETON Dau 15 Un Work on the farm Sydling St Nicholas
George GRUMBLETON Son 13 Un Work on the farm Dewlish
Hannah GRUMBLETON Dau 11 Un Work on the farm Dewlish

Witchampton, Dorset

Mary GUMBLETON 31 Long Critchell

West Grimstead

Mary A GUMBLETON Head 48 Mar Railway Porter's wife West Meon, Hants
Mary GUMBLETON Mother in law 68 Wid School mistress Athlone, Ireland
Solomon GUMBLETON Son 13 Ag lab West Grimstead
Harriet GUMBLETON Dau 11 scholar West Grimstead
William GUMBLETON Son 9 scholar West Grimstead
John GUMBLETON Son 6 scholar West Grimstead
Mary GUMBLETON Dau 4 Downton, Wilts

West Grimstead

Elizabeth GUMBLETON Head 40 Wid Dressmaker Whaddon, Wilts
Harry Gumbleton Son 13 ag lab Alderbury
Jane GUMBLETON Dau 11 Servant Alderbury
Ellen GUMBLETON Dau 8 scholar Bulford
Armon GUMBLETON Son 5 Scholar Bulford

West Grimstead

Samuel GUMBLETON Head 72 Wid labourer Poole, Dorset
William GUMBLETON Son 35 Wid labourer West Grimstead
Morgan GUMBLETON Grandson 13 labourer West Grimstead
George GUMBLETON Grandson 8 Scholar West Grimstead
Thomas GUMBLETON Grandson 6 Scholar West Grimstead
Benjamin Gumbleton Grandson 3 West Grimstead

Donhead St Mary

George ARNOLD Head 36 Un Gardener Donhead
George GUMBLETON Nephew 13 Shaftesbury, St James

Donhead St Mary

Elizabeth GUMBLETON Head 40 Wid Donhead, St Mary
Anna GUMBLETON Dau 21 Un Dressmaking Shaston, Dorset
Lydia GUMBLETON Dau 10 Scholar Shaston, Dorset

Donhead St Mary

Hannah LUSH Head 56 Un Receiving Alms. Retired servant. Shaftesbury
Lucy GUMBLETON Visitor 24 Un Laundress Donhead, St Mary

Plymouth Citadel

Richard GUMBLETON 22 Un Common soldier Upham

Lifton, Tavistock, Devon

(HO107/1884; Fol. 244; p4)
Richard NORTHEY Head 40 Mar Farmer of 60 acres, employing 2 labourers Devon, Lifton
Mary Jane NORTHEY Wife 34 Mar Devon, Lifton
Ellen Jane NORTHEY Dau 7 Devon, Lifton
Thomas Rowe NORTHEY Son 2 Devon, Lifton
Catherine Mary NORTHEY Dau 8m Devon, Lifton
Jane JONES Mother in law 70 Wid Annuitant Devon, Caryton
James GUMBLETON Visitor 46 Un Officer of Inland Revenue Surrey, Southwark
Matilda BINE Servant 17 Un House servant Devon, Bratton, Clovelly
Mary DOIDGE Servant 17 Un House servant Devon, Lifton
Richard MULLEN Servant 16 Un Farm Servant Devon, Stowford

Warningcamp, Hampshire

James GUMBLETON Visitor 61 Mar Ag Lab Hampshire NK

Patching, Sussex

Stephen GUMBELTON Lodger 27 Un Hants, Meon

Aldingbourn, Sussex

(HO107/1652: Folio: 339: Page: 3)
Mary Ann GUMBLETON Wife 54 Mar Woodman's wife Sussex, Eastdean
Isaac GUMBLETON Son 12 Un At work in woods with father Sussex, Aldingbourn

South Market Street, Newport, Monmouthshire

(HO107/2452: Folio: 111: Page: 17)
William GUMBLETON Head 31 Mar Haulier Ireland
Johanna GUMBLETON Wife 30 Mar Wife Ireland
Margarett GUMBLETON Dau 12 Un - Ireland
John GUMBLETON Son 11 Un - Ireland
Ellen GUMBLETON Dau 10 Un - Monm, Newport
Mary GUMBLETON Dau 5 Un - Monm, Newport
Catherine GUMBLETON Dau 1.5 Un - Monm, Newport
James GUMBLETON Son 2 Un - Monm, Newport

Hotel, Manchester Square, St Marylebone, Middlesex

(HO107/1488 Fol.577 p.19)
R GUMBLETON Visitor 55 Un - Lismore, Waterford

24 Ironmonger Street, Finsbury, London

(HO107/1521; Fol.391 p.43)
Benjamin Gumbleton Head 51 Wid Silversmith (journeyman) Middlesex, St Luke
B W Gumbleton Son 11 Middlesex, St Luke
Mary Haskell Visitor 50 Un Sepstress Middlesex, Aldersgate

Royal Oak Inn, East Wittering, Sussex

(HO107/1652 Fol.53 p.14)
James GUMBLETON Head 34 Mar Ag Lab East Dean, Sussex
Ellen GUMBLETON Wife 37 Mar Fareham, Hampshire

Eastdean , Sussex

(HO107/1652 fol.510 p.19)
Robert GUMBLETON Head 32 Mar Hurdle Maker Cocking, Sussex
Eliza GUMBLETON Wife 30 Mar Hampnett, SUssex
Frances GUMBLETON Dau 8 Scholar Eastdean, Sussex
George GUMBLETON Son 7 Scholar Eastdean, Sussex
William GUMBLETON Son 4 Scholar Eastdean, Sussex
Eliza GUMBLETON Dau 2 Eastdean, Sussex
Samuel GUMBLETON Brother 21 Un Hurdle Maker Aldingbourn, Sussex
Richard GUMBLETON Brother 16 Un Hurdle Maker Aldingbourn, Sussex
James AYLING Lodger 45 Un Farm labourer Amberley, Sussex

Bishopstoke, Hampshire

(HO107/1675 Fol.85 p.13)
James WITCHER Head 60 Mar Ag Lab Moor Green, Hampshire
Sarah WITCHER Wife 65 Mar Eling, Hampshire
John GUMBLETON Lodger 43 Mar Rail Porter N.K.

High Street, Harrow, Middlesex

(HO107/1700 Fol.13 p.18)
Robert GUMBLETON Pupil 17 Un Scholar Ireland

Darlington St, Bathwick, Somerset

(HO107/1940 Fol.380 p.45)
Jane C FOWKE Head 81 W Fund Holder Plymouth, Devonshire
Walter B STOCKER Son in law 55 Mar Commander R.N. Sidmouth, Devonshire
Jane STOCKER Wife 48 Mar - Tewkesbury, Devonshire
Richard GUMBLETON Grandson 18 Un Landed Proprietor Cork
Hester MERCHANT Serv 61 W House Serv. Newton St Loe
Catherine WEEKS Serv 21 Un House Serv. Stanton Drew
Elizabeth SPILLER Serv 27 Un House Serv. Dunkerton, Somerset

Priory B, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

(HO107/1973 Fol.18 p.29)
William E GUMBLETON Visitor 11 Unm Scholar Ireland

31 Oxford Street, Leamington, Warwickshire

(Ho 107/2072 Fol.516 p.33)
Samuel TAYLOR Head 40 Mar Coach maker Staffordshire, Kings Wingford
Mary TAYLOR wife 30 Mar Lancashire, Liverpool
Samuel TAYLOR Son 5 Staffordshire, Kings Wingford
Elizabeth TAYLOR Dau 30 Staffordshire, Kings Wingford
Joseph TAYLOR Son 1 Warwickshire, Birmingham
Henry GUMBLETON Lodger 37 Mar Coachman Hampshire, ?
Jane GUMBLETON Wife 29? Mar Hampshire, Avington
Henry GUMBLETON Son 2 Warwick, Luddington?
George GUMBLETON Son 1m Warwick, Leamington

Lime Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

(HO107/2184 Fol.101 p.42)
John PEARSE Head 49 Mar Joiner and Lodging House Kirkland, Wales
Anne PEARSE Wife 35 Mar Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas PEARSE Son 13 Un Scholar Liverpool, Lancashire
Robert PEARSE Son 5 Un Scholar Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth PEARSE Dau 11 Un Scholar Liverpool, Lancashire
Lucy TALLURT Servant 19 Un House servant Ireland
Margaret NELSON Servant 23 Un House servant Ireland
Thomas MARSDEN Servant 25 Mar Boots Yorkshire
J GUMBLETON Visitor 45 Mar Mariner Newcastle
Michael HARTLEY Visitor 50 Mar Gentleman Ireland

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