Percival Joseph CUMBLETON

Name: Percival Joseph CUMBLETON  Q0896 
Born: 1896  Dorchester RD, Dorset, England
Parents: George CUMBLETON Annie WAKELEY
Died:1970 Weymouth RD, Dorset, England
Occupation:  Percival Joseph CUMBLETON
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Percival Joseph Cumbleton was a son of George Cumbleton and his wife Annie, nee Wakeley. He was born in 1896 in Dorchester, Dorset, Registration District.

The 1901 census shows the family living in Bradford Peverell, Dorset, and George, Percival's father, was a farm thatcher.

In 1911, they were living at Poundbury Farm, Maiden Newton and George was a farm bailiff. Percival was now aged 14 and had left school and was working as a farm labourer.

In 1914, early in World War I, Percival joined the 4th Dorset Regiment and, by 1915, was posted to India.

By 1917 he was serving in Egypt, where he was admitted to hospital sufferring from a gun shot wound in the right arm and right leg. Another brother had also been wounded, and a third (and eldest) brother, was still serving in France, at the time. By December 1917, his right arm and leg had both been amputated.

After the war, he returned to Poundbury Farm. His father died in 1948 and his mother in 1956.

Percival Joseph died in the Weymouth Dorset district in 1970. 

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1914-18 World War I medals of Percival Joseph CUMBLETON View details
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1970 Dec Death registration of Percival Joseph Cumbleton Weymouth RD, Dorset, England Civil registration death registers

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