Ilchester, Somerset, England



Ilchester is a small town, situated on the River Yeo, five miles north of Yeovil, in Somerset, England. It is about 10 miles north-west of Sherborne, Dorset.

Events associated specifically with Ilchester

25 Sep 1797 Sherborne Mercury, 1797: Gumbleton, grocer Robert GUMBLETON View details
26 Jan 1798 Baptism of Ann GUMBLETON Ann GUMBLETON Baptisms index
Apr 1799 Baptism of Mary or Henry GUMBLETON Henry GUMBLETON Baptisms index
1801 SoG Apprentice Index: Robert Gumbleton Robert GUMBLETON View details
22 Apr 1802 Advertisement for Mr Gumbleton's shop Robert GUMBLETON View details
1 Jun 1802 Baptism of Richard GUMBLETON Richard GUMBLETON Baptisms index
31 Jul 1803 Baptism of Mary GUMBLETON Mary GUMBLETON Baptisms index

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