Court proceedings: Carnarvon County Petty Sessions; 5 May 1891

Carnarvon County P[etty] Sessions
Saturday 5th May 1891
Vaynol Estate
Morgan Gumbleton.
Isaac Davies

Brief for prosecution
for J G Wynne Griffith
& a full bench
Fined 30/- including costs 5 May 91

Vaynol 1866

Isaac Davies
Sep 29th 1883
[?] game trespass
fined 5/- & costs
10/- & costs
Oct 2 1886
Fine 10/- & costs
nets to be forfeited
3 previous convictions

The deposition of Morgan Gumbleton of Foel Rhiwen in the parish of Llanddeiniolen in the said county gamekeeper, taken on oath before me, the undersigned, one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said County of Carnarvon, this ---- day of ----, who saith that William Hughes of Rhiwen of the parish of Llanddeiniolen in the County aforesaid is likely to give material Evidence on behalf of the Prosecution touching the matter of the annexed information. And that this Deponent verily believes that the said William Hughes will not appear voluntarily for the purpose of being examined as a Witness.
[signed] Morgan Gumbleton

Carnarvon County Petty Session
Saturday May 5th 1891
Vaynol Estate
Morgan Gumbleton
Keeper at Foel Rhiwen, Llanddeiniolen
Isaac Davies, farm servant, at Wm Hughes, Rhiwen.
Brief for prosecution

Morgan Gumbleton:-
On Saturday night the 2nd of May I found 2 snares set on runs in a field at Rhiwen a farm in the occupation of Wm Hughes & the property of Mr Assheton Smith

The snares were not set as for rabbits they were put too high. They were set for hares or pheasants set very high.

I watched the field till Monday morning to see if any one went there. On Monday morning at 20 mins past 6 I was there with Ross. Isaac Davies came & he took up one of the snares. We got over the wall & took it from him. I asked him if he had any paper or permission from the farmer -- He said no -- I said then you are a poacher & will have to suffer the law. I said I thought this was your work. Ross said you have another down here. He walked straight down & took it up -- he knew better than I did -- I took the snares from him.

He made no denial.
I produced the snares & a plug[?]

Hugh Ross:-
I am a keeper with Mr Assheton Smith & live at Caermynydd[?] & was with the last witness I corroborate the last witness in every particular.

William Hughes:-
I am the tenant of Rhiwen. I gave no authority to the def[endan]t to take rabbits

Police C[onstable] Jones:-
When I served the summ[on]s he said I will tell the truth. I set the snares at 8 on Saturday night & took them up on Sunday morning

Carnarvon County P[etty] Sessions
5 May 1891

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