Other wills and administrations: Letters of administration for Henry A Gumbleton

Date: 9 Jul 1914
Place: Bronx, New York, USA

Application for letters of administration for Henry Gumbleton deceased.

Applicant: Frances W O'Toole
Deceased: Henry A Gumbleton
Date of death: 24 May 1914
Estimated value of real property: None
Personal property: Not more than $8000
Heirs at law: Ellen T Randolph, East 183rd St & Belmont Ave., Bronx, New York City. Sister
Date sworn: 9 Jul 1914

The petitioner, Frances W O'Toole respectfully shows:-
That your petitioner is a resident of No. 501 East 139th Street, in the Borough of The Bronx, City of New York, and is a creditor of Henry A Gumbleton, deceased, and is of full age. That said deceased departed this life in the County of Bronx on the 24th day of May, 1914, without leaving any last will or testament to the best of your petitioner's knowledge, information or belief; that your petitioner has made diligent search and inquiries for a will of said deceased but has not found any, or obtained any information that he left any; that the said deceased died possessed of certain personal property in the County of Bronx, State of New York, and that upon information and belief the value of the personal property, wherever situated, of which the deceased died possessed does not exceed the sum of Eight Thousand ($8000) dollars. That your petitioner has been informed and verily believes that said deceased left surviving no next of kin, except a sister Ellen T Randolph of East 183rd Street and Belmont Avenue, in the Borough of The Bronx, City of New York, whose renunciation of her right to Letters of Administration herein is hereto annexed and made a part hereof. That said deceased was a widower, a citizen of the United States, and was at or immediately prior to his death a resident of the County of Bronx. That on information and belief, said deceased left him surviving no wife, child or children, adopted child or children, no father, or mother, no brother or sister, (except as aforesaid) of the half or whole blood, no issue of any deceased brother or sister, no uncle, no aunt, or any issue of any uncle or aunt, except as above stated. That search of the records of this Court shows that no application has been made thereto for Probate of a Will of the decesaed, or for letters thereon or upon his estate, and your petitioner is informed and verily believes that no such application has ever been made to the Surrogate's Court of any other County in this State.

Your petitioner therefore prays that a decree of the said Surrogate's Court of the County of Bronx issue appointing Ernest E L Hammer, the Public Administrator of the County of Bronx, Administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of said deceased.

Frances H O'Toole, Petitioner

I Ellen T Randolph, of East 183d St & Belmont Avenue, Borough of The Bronx, New York City, a sister of the above deceased and his only surviving relation, either direct or collateral, do hereby renounce all right to Letters of Administration on the Estate of said deceased.

Ellen T Randolph

Bronx court records
9 Jul 1914

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