Other wills and administrations: Will of John Gumbleton of Salisbury

Will of John Gumbleton of Salisbury
Queens Arms, Salisbury (previously the Blue Lion).
Mentioned in the inventory
Gumbleton, John; innholder; Salisbury; 1671; Inventory (detailed); Will; P4/1670/21

In the name of God Amen I John Gumbleton of the City of New Sarum in the County of Wilts Innholder being very weak and sick of body but thanks be unto the Almighty God of sound and perfect memory; do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

first I bequeath my Soul into the hands of the Almighty God my maker and redeemer; And next I commit my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in all decent manner.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Obadiah Gumbleton forty pounds and one silver beaker marked with the character of a Saturn to be paid by my executor here after mentioned that is to say: twenty pounds thereof to be paid him in three months after his return into England; And twenty pounds to be paid him in six moths after his return into England; And in case the said Obadiah Gumbleton shall so happen to die before his return, then my will and meaning is the said forty pounds as aforesaid shall be equally divided betwixt my two other sons that is to say Jonathan Gumbleton and John Gumbleton.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son John Gumbleton forty pounds and one silver beaker marked with the character of the sun which said forty pounds to be paid him when he shall attain to his age of twenty five years: nevertheless in case my overseers after mentioned shall think fit in six months after my decease at their discretion;

Item I give and bequeath unto Joane Gumbleton And Edmond Gumbleton my brothers children two shillings and six pence apiece; item I give unto Mary Northeast Alice Northeast and Elizabeth Northeast my sisters daughters two shillings and six pence apiece;

Item I give unto my sister Gillow her sons two shillings and six pence apiece: all the rest and residue of my goods lands and leases and chattels either movable or immovable

I give and bequeath unto my son Jonathan Gumbleton whom I make to be my whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament. And in case my said executor as aforementioned shall refuse to give security to my overseers hereafter mentioned within six months next after my decease then my will and meaning is that my overseers shall have full power to reenter in the said premises and every part thereof and I do appoint my loving friends my brother John Hillery John James and Francis West all of New Sarum to be overseers of this my last will and testament and for their care and pains I give and bequeath unto each of them two shillings and six pence apiece.

Witness my hand and seal and declared to be the last will of John Gumbleton with the word nevertheless interlined in the presence of
Witness: Richard Durnford Jr, Will Pulford, Charles Becket.
The mark of John Gumbleton

An inventory of the goods and chattels of John Gumbleton of New Sarum innholder late deceased taken and praised the sixth day of February 1670 by those persons whose names are here underwritten as followeth.

In the kitchen

Imprimus in brass and pewter £6-0-0
Item: spits, pot hooks, andirons with fire pan and tongs and other iron goods and a jack[?] of iron £1-0-0
Item one long tableboard and frame and cupboard and joined stools and chairs£1-0-0

In the parlour

Item one featherbed two bolsters and pillow one pair of blankets and yellow coverlid with curtains and valliens£4-0-0
Item one bedstede and tableboard and frame with two chests and one cupboard chairs and stools£1-15-0

In the shop

Item one flock bed bolster and pillow one blanket and two coverlids £0-18-6
Item one livery bedstede£0-3-6

In the swan chamber

Item one featherbed and three bolsters of flocks two coverlids on blanket with curtains and valiens £3-10-0
Item two tableboards with chest and stools and standing bedstede £1-6-8
Item one firepan tongs and andirons £0-1-8

In the sqerrill

Item one tableboard and stools one chair and cupboard £0-9-0

In the fox chamber

Item one tableboard and bedstede and one chest £1-5-0
Item in cork £3-0-0

In the crown chamber

Item one featherbed bolster and pillows one green rug two blankets curtains and valiens £6-0-0
Item on flock bed and bo0lster one blanket and rug with a carpet and nine cushions£1-15-0
Item one high bedsted and trundle bedsted two tablebaodrs eith joined stools £2-5-0
Item one pair of andirons firepan and tongs and one dogg £0-4-6

In the ross chamber

Item one featherbed and bolster and pillows one blanket and rug curtains and valiens £5-0-0
Item one flock bed and bolster rug and blanket £0-15-0
tem one tableboard high bedsted and trundle bedstedes two joined stools £0-17-0

In the fower de Luce [Fleur de Lys?] chamber

Item one featherbed two bolsters one blanket and coverlid £2-15-0
Item one bedstede and tableboard £0-13-0

In the buttery

Item six stands for beer £0-10-0
Item four hogsheads of beer £3-12-0
Item in vinegar £1-10-0
Item in corks knove shelves and other lumber goods £1-5-0

In the little stable

Item in fish £5-0-0
Item four quarters of coal £1-6-8
Item one hogshead of bergis[?] £0-12-0
Item one beame scales and weights £0-12-0

In the great stable

Item in hay and faggots £7-0-0

In the back stable

Item one thousand of faggots £3-6-8
Item nine quarters of coal £3-0-0

In the back side

Item one load of wood £0-13-4
Item twelve pairs of sheets £3-0-0
Item three dozens of napkins and seven tablecloths with other linen £1-10-0
Item in books £2-3-4
Item the lease of the Blew Lion £2-6-8
Item the lease of Mr Chaffins land a pump with other necessaries £2-0-0
Item a lease of Mr Gilberts £5-0-0
Item in charcoal £0-10-0
Item other old goods and lumber £3-1-6
Item two silver beakers £1-13-4
Item in bonds bills and other debts due £20-0-0
Item his wearing apparel £5-0-0

Sum total £119-13-4
Nathaniel Barkham; Henry Coles; George Stevens; Thomas Lawne Jr

Salisbury Wills

The inventory mentions a lease for the Blue Lion, so this is probably the inn whose contents are itemised. Les Hatton received the following information about the Blue Lion from Robert Jago of Wilts and Swindon Archives:
The Blue Lion seems to have been a seventeenth century inn sign in Salisbury, one of several signs which successively hung on a Salisbury property over the centuries. Five leases dating from 1637 to 1743 in our Church Commissioners' collection (CC/CHAP/55/1-5) clarify its history. It was first called the Maidenhead, then the Blue Lion, and (by 1743) the Queen's Arms, and it was on the corner of New (later Ivy) Street and Brown Street. (The site is 0.3m walk from the Cathedral and is now occupied by an Ushers pub called the Queen's Arms of Elizabeth, from Google Earth)
See attached picture of the Queen's Arms of Elizabeth, taken in 2016.

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