Name: Joane GUMBLETON  I0547 
Born: ca. 1647   
Baptised: 25 Apr 1647  Britford, Wiltshire, England
Parents: Edmond GUMBLETON Dorothy FURS
Joan Gumbleton was a daughter of Edmond Gumbleton and his wife Dorothy, nee Furs. Edmond was a yeoman farmer in Britford. Joan was baptised on 25 Apr 1647 at Britford, Wiltshire. In that year, her grandfather, John Gumbleton [H0021] died and his will included a bequest of 5 shillings for “my grandchild Joane Gumbleton” to be paid to her father Edmund Gumbleton. In 1660, her father, Edmond, died, and his will included a bequest to Joan of “the summe of four score pounds of like current money to be paid her when she shall attaine unto the age of one and twenty years or shall be married which of them shall first happen”. In fact she was married when she was less than 21, marrying William Warwick in January 1666/7 at Britford. Her uncle, John Gumbleton, innkeeper of Salisbury, died in 1671 and left Joan a bequest of 2s 6d. 
1647 Joane GUMBLETON referenced in Will of John Gumbleton of Birford Britford, WIlts View details
25 Apr 1647 Baptism of Joane GUMBLETON Britford, Wiltshire, England Baptisms index
19 Jul 1660 Joane GUMBLETON referenced in Will of Edmond Gombleton Britford, Wilts View details
24 Jan 1666/7 Marriage of Joane GUMBLETON and William WARWICK Britford, Wiltshire, England Marriage index
1671 Joane GUMBLETON referenced in Will of John Gumbleton of Salisbury Salisbury, Wilts View details

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