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In the name of God amen I Edmond Gombleton of Birtford in the County of Wilts yeoman sicke in body but of sound and perfect memorie thanks be given to Almighty God doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following. That is to say

First I commend my soule into the hands of God my maker trusting in God through the merits of Jesus Christ my saviour to be p[?] of life everlasting and my body unto the earth whereof it was made and for that worldly estate wherewith God hath bin pleased to to bless me I bestowe it as followeth.

I give and bequeath unto my sonne Edmond Gombleton the summe of four score pounds of current English money to be paid him when he shall attaine unto the age of one and twenty years.

Also I give and bequeathe unto my daughter Joane the summe of four score pounds of like current money to be paid her when she shall attaine unto the age of one and twenty years or shall be married which of them shall first happen.

Also my will and meaning is that the five poundes given to my said daughter by the will of her grandmother which I am to pay her being executor to her grangmother be included and in part of the said four score pounds.

Also my will and meaning is that if either of my said two children shall happen to die before of payment of their respective legacies limited[?] by this my will that then the gift[?] and legacy of the child so dying shall be and remaine to the survivor of the said two children and in case both my said two children shall happen to dye before the time of payment of their respective legacies as aforesaid that then twenty pounds thereof shall be and remaine unto William Gillow and twenty pounds thereof unto Thomas Gillow the two children of my sister Dorothy Gillow and the remainder of the said legacie unto my executrix undernamed

Also I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Dorothy Gomelton all the rest of my goods chattels and estate not before bequeathed whom I make whole and sole executrix of this my last will and testament.

Also my will and meaning that my said executrix shall at any time or times after the proving of this my will and administration of my goods and estate when required by my overseers hereunder named or any two of them give sufficient security unto them or any two of them for the payment of the legacies given as aforesaid according to the true intent and meaning of this my will. And my [?] is that if my wife shall not give security within one month after she shall be required or as aforesaid that then my overssers of this my will on any two of them shall have and receive the legacies given unto my said two children and dispose of it to the best use and benefit of my said two children untill they shall receive the same according to the meaning of this my will for and towards their maintenance and eductation.

Also I I nominate and desire my loving brother John Gombleton and my loving friends Mr Edward Edmonds John Parsons and Francis Barker to be trustees of this my will and testament whose care I desire in seeing this my will duly performed in witness whereof hereunto set my hand and seale the seaventeenth day of October in the year of our Lord God 1659.

The marke of Edmond Gombleton the within written will was signed sealed published and declared to be the last will and testament of the within named Edmond Gomelton in the presence of Robert Edmonds William Socwell[?] John Smith.

This will was proved at London the ninteenth day of July in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and sixty before the right worshipful William [?] Doctor of Law Master keeper or commissary of the Prerogative Court of Cabnterbury lawfully constitured by the oath of Dorothy Gombleton, relict of the deceased, the sole executrix named inthe said will to whom administration of all and singular the goods chattels and debts of the said deceased was committed. she being first by [?] sworn truly to administer the same.

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19 Jul 1660

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