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JOHN GUMBLEDEN, a Hampshire man born, was entered a batler of Broadgate's hall in the latter end of 1616, aged 18 years, made student of Ch. Ch. soon after, took the degrees in arts, preached at Longworth in Berkshire several years, and was admitted to the reading of the sentences in 1632. Upon the turn of the times, he sided with the presbyterians, became chaplain to Robert earl of Leicester, and afterwards for a short time rector of Coytie in Glamorganshire. He hath published,
Several sermons, as (1.) Sermon on Gen. 6. 5,6,7.—printed 1626. qu. (2.) Serm. on Gen. 22. 1,2—print. 1627. qu. (3.) God's great Mercy to Mankind in Jesus Christ, at Paul's Cross 1628; on Isa. 53.6. Oxon.* 1628. qu. [Bodl. 4to. M. 46. Th.] (4.) Two Sermons preached before the Univ. of Oxon. on Matth. 11. 28. and on Acts 10. 3,4. Lond. 1657. qu. as another on Acts 1. from 1, to 5, which I have not yet seen.
Christ tempted, the Devil conquered: or, a short Exposition on Part of the fourth Chapter of St. Matthew's Gospel. Lond. 1657. qu. He concluded his last day in September or October, in sixteen hundred fiftry and seven, and was buried in the chancel of the church at Coytie before mention'd. He had other things of the like nature, fit for the press, lying by him; which, had he lived, he would have published.

* [God's great Mercy &c. at Pauls Cross on Palm Sund. 1626. WANLEY.
Three Sermons. (1.) The Old Worlds general Corruption and Destruction, preached at St. Maries in Oxford Jan 29 1624; upon Gen. 6, vers. 5,6,7
(2.) Abrahams Tryall, a serm. preached at Winchester Sept. 12. 1624; on Gen. 22 ver. 1
(3.) The sending of the Holy Ghost, a Serm. pr. at Abingdon in Berkshire Apr. 17, 1626; on Acts 2, ver. 2,3,4.

WOOD, A. Athenae Oxoniensis. New ed.4 v. 1813-20.
LDS fiche 6029716/493/p.219

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