Name: Richard GUMBLETON  O0090 
Occupation:Clothing manufacturer   
Spouse 1Catherine MURPHY
Child 1 P0155 James J GUMBLETON 1834
Child 2 O0092 John GUMBLETON ca. 1838
Child 3 P0156 Richard GUMBLETON ca. 1842
Child 4 S0078 Ellen Theresa GUMBLETON ca. 1844
Child 5 P0146 Henry Aloysius GUMBLETON 1846
Child 6 P0157 Charley GUMBLETON ca. 1853
He is believed to be part of the prominent county family from Waterford, Ireland, who emigrated to America, first to Nova Scotia and, then to New York. He died in New York aged 90. 
4 Apr 1850 Richard Gumbleton (age 45) living in New York City, ward 15 in US_1850 census New York, USA, New York, USA US_1850 census
1 Apr 1860 Richard Gumbleton (age 49) living in 1st Division 15th Ward New York City in US_1860 census New York, USA, New York, USA US_1860 census
19 Dec 1864 Richard GUMBLETON referenced in Death Notice of Charles Jerome Gumbleton Manhattan, New York, USA View details
1 Jun 1870 Richard Gumbleton (age 60) living in New York City, ward 15 in US_1870 census New York, USA, New York, USA US_1870 census

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