Name: Ann LENIHIN  O0826a 
Born: ca. 1841  Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Died:1919 Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Spouse 1James GUMBLETON
Married 1868
Woolwich RD, Kent, England
(Died 1872 Medway RD, Kent, England)
Child 1 Q0786 Ann GAMBLETON ca. 1868
Child 2 Q0026 Julia GUMBLESTONE 1869
Child 3 Q0222 James GAMBLETON 1871
Child 4 Q0874 Margaret GAMBLETON 1874
The family tale is that Annie, born in Ireland with possible connections to a shipping family and Skibbereen (maybe just from where she departed after the famines). 

Thanks to Neil Thornton for information about Ann Lenihin

12 Jul 1868 Marriage certificate of James Gambleton and Ann Lenihin Woolwich Marriage certificate
2 Apr 1871 Ann GRUMBLETON (age 27) living in 103 Butler Street?, West Ham in 1871 census West Ham, Essex, England 1871 census
3 Apr 1881 Annie GAMBLETON (age 40) living in 5 Katherine Place, Poplar in 1881 census Poplar, Middlesex, England 1881 census
31 Mar 1901 Annie Gambleton (age 56) living in 25, Cotton St, Poplar, Middlesex in 1901 census Poplar, Middlesex, England 1901 census
2 Apr 1911 Ann Gambleton (age 66) living in 9, Tyas Road, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex in 1911 census West Ham, Essex, England 1911 census
1919 Jun Qr Death registration of Ann GAMBLETON West Ham RD, Middlesex, England Civil registration death registers

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