Margaret MURPHY

Name: Margaret MURPHY  O2003a 
Born: 1801  Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Died:1869 Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Spouse 1William GUMBLETON
(Died 18 Mar 1854)
Child 1 O0003 Mary GUMBLETON ca. 1819
Child 2 O0002 Alice GUMBLETON ca. 1821
Child 3 P2002 Edward GUMBLETON ca. 1824
Child 4 O2004 William GUMBLETON ca. 1829
Child 5 O2002 John GUMBLETON ca. 1833
Child 6 P0013 Margaret GUMBLETON ca. 1835
Child 7 P2106 Michael GUMBLETON 1840
26 Feb 1837 Margaret MURPHY referenced in NSW Index to Miscellaneous Immigrants New South Wales, Australia View details
24 Mar 1854 Margaret MURPHY referenced in New South Wales Government Gazette Bathurst, NSW View details
16 Aug 1854 Margaret MURPHY referenced in Administration of William Gumbleton, 1854 View details
1869 Death registration of Margaret GUMBLETON Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia Civil registration death registers

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