Name: John GUMBLETON  O2002 
Born: ca. 1833  Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Parents: William GUMBLETON Margaret MURPHY
Died:15 Sep 1876 Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Spouse 1Ellen NEVILLE
Married 1852
New South Wales, Australia, New South Wales, Australia
Child 1 P0005 William GUMBLETON 1853
Child 2 P0006 John GUMBLETON 1855
Child 3 P0009 Alice GUMBLETON 1859
Child 4 Q0008 Randolph GUMBLETON 1864
Spouse 2Honora CLARKE
Not married
Child 1 Q2002 Louisa M GUMBLETON 1857
Child 2 P0867 Albert John GUMBLETON 1867
Child 3 P1201 William Henry GUMBLETON 1869
Child 4 Q2001 Ernest E GUMBLETON 1873
John Gumbleton, a son of William and Margaret (nee Murphy) was born in Ireland in about 1833, probably around Tallow in Co Waterford, where his sister was baptised a few years later. His family travelled to Australia, leaving Cork in November 1836 and arriving in Sydney in February 1837. They travelled on the Lady McNaghten, the first ship to undertake a voyage for free settlers from Ireland. Conditions on board ship were very poor and there were outbreaks of measles and typhus which claimed the lives of many of the passengers, especially small children. When the ship arrived in Sydney, it was quarantined for a further two and a half months. because of the infectious diseases.

John grew up to become a saddler and harness maker in the town of Bathurst, NSW. In the New South Wales Gold Rush that began in 1851, he tried his hand at gold digging, but (from a contemporary newspaper account) seemed to have had a realistic attitude towards the likely rewards. In fact the gold rush probably offered better opportunities to him in his core business of dealing in saddles and harnesses than the more speculative occupation of mining.

In 1852 he married Ellen Neville. Their relationship seems to have been a stormy one: a newspaper account of June 1855 recounts an occasion where Ellen Gumbleton smashed crockery and glassware, as well as ripping up her husbands clothes, and he poured milk and tea over his wife. However, during this tumultuous period they succeeded in having three children.

They separated in about 1862, although a further child, Randolph Gumbleton, is attributed to them.

John Gumbleton went on to have a relationship with another woman, Honorah Clarke, with whom he had a further four children.

John Gumbleton died in Bathurst in 1876. His will divides the bulk of his estate between Honorah Clarke and the children she had by him. No mention is made of his first family. 

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