Wills proved in the English Principal Probate Registry: Will John Walter (Jack) Gumbleton

John Walter Gumbleton of Cwmbran House Pontnewydd Monmouthshire died 23 November 1964 at St Woolos Hospital Newport Monmouthshire Probate Llandaff 11 january to John Clifford Stephens and William Noah Gumbleton haulage contractors. £820. Will John Walter (Jack) Gumbleton, 1957

I, John Walter Gumbleton, of No. 1, Nash Cottages, Llanfrechfa, Nr Carleon Mon., on this day of December the __ 1957, in the presence of the undermentioned witnesses, make this my final will and testament, and making void any previous will made by me.

My property namely No 1 Nash Cottages Llanfrechfa, to be offered to my nephew John Clifford Stephens of 10 Cambria St Griffithstown, for the sum of six hundred pounds, to be paid into my estate, as agreed between the said John Cifford Stephens and myself.
£s;50 to my sister Sarah Edith Stephens of Redbrook Commercial Street, Griffithstown Pontypool Mon
£s;50 to my sister in law, Ethel Gumbleton of 70 South Street Sebastapol, Pontypool
The above bequests are subject to the above persons being alive at the time of my death.
The residue of my estate to be equally divided between my nephews and neices namely:
Owen King, 18 Park Avenue, Abergavenny Mon
William Pitt, Northfield Birmingham
Doris Jones, Railway Hotel, Brecon Rd Abergavenny Mon
Granville Stephens, 32 Cambria St, Griffithstown Pontypool Mon
John Clifford Stephens, 10 Cambria St Griffithstown Pontypool Mon
Dorreen Hughes, 25 Lowlands Rd Pontnewydd Cwbran Mon
Harold Gumbleton, 4 Hill Crest Rd Pontypool Rd Pontypool Mon
William Gumbleton 47 Avenue Griffithstown Pontypool Mon
Francis Gumbleton, 7 Heol y Cos, Whitechurch Cardiff Glam

I appoint my nephews John Clifford Stephens and William Gumbleton as executors of my will

Principal Probate Registry
11 Jan 1965

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