Other wills and administrations: Will of Jone Gumbleton

  • Eldest son John Gumbleton four score pounds of English money.
  • John's five children five pounds each to be paid to their father for their use.
  • Also to John a little brass pot and brass kettle, one pair of sheets, one pair of blankets, one wardrobe, one bolster and one pillow, one boardcloth , one shift, one pair of pot hooks...
  • To John's daughter Mary Gumbleton one coffer and one bell skillet and one silver ring.
  • To daughter Alice Northeast the sum of four score pounds of English money. Also the bigger brass pot and a brass pan and a pair of pot hooks and rest of linen except one pair of sheets and one boardcloth and one napkin which is given to son Edmond's wife.
  • Also to Alice all wearing apparell and 'the bed I lay upon', blankets, pillows, bolsters and half her pewter. The other half of the pewter to be divided between the two sons.
  • Alice to receive pestle and mortar and brass candlestick one spit one chest one box.
  • To Alice Northeast's three children five pounds apiece to be paid to their father Thomas Northeast for their use.
  • To Mary Northeast and Alice northeast one coffer apiece.
  • Son in law Thomas Gillaw(?) five pounds. To his two children borne to him by daughter Dorothy five pounds apiece.
  • To To Grandchild Tom Gumbleton five pounds and one coffer.
  • Cousin John Parford(?) twenty shillings.
  • Cousin Robert Gumbleton five shillings and one white coverlet.
  • Cousin Christian Langford five shillings.
  • One shilling apiece to children of cousins of first and second degree.
  • Joan Loane(?) God daughter one shilling.
  • Poor of the parish: three shillings and fourpence.
  • Everything else to son Edmund who is sole executor.

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16 Aug 1652

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