Anna Maria HAYTER

Name: Anna Maria HAYTER  P0060a 
Born: ca. 1853  Tollard Farnham, Dorset, England
Spouse 1Henry Charles GUMBLETON
Married 1873
Tisbury RD, Wiltshire, England
(Died 1894 Wimborne RD, Dorset, England)
Child 1 Q0051 George David GUMBLETON 1874
Child 2 Q0061 Dora Emily GUMBLETON 1876
Child 3 Q0068 Edward John GUMBLETON 1878
Child 4 Q0077 Ada Kate GUMBLETON 1880
Child 5 Q0089 Ellen Maysel GUMBLETON 1883
Child 6 Q0098 Amy Laura GUMBLETON 1884
Child 7 Q0104a Emily Sophia GUMBLETON 1887
Child 8 R0002 Jessie GUMBLETON 1891
Spouse 2George HORNER
Married 17 Oct 1901
Moor Critchel, Dorset, England
Believed to have remarried in 1901 
8 Nov 1873 Marriage certificate of Henry Charles Gumbleton and Anna Maria HAYTER Tollard Royal Marriage certificate
3 Apr 1881 Anna GUMBLETON (age 28) living in Witchampton Common in 1881 census Witchampton, Dorset, England 1881 census
5 Apr 1891 Annie M Gumbleton (age 37) living in The Buildings, Moor Crichel, Dorset in 1891 census Moor Critchel, Dorset, England 1891 census
31 Mar 1901 Anna Gumbleton (age 47) living in Moor Critchell, Dorset in 1901 census Moor Critchel, Dorset, England 1901 census
17 Oct 1901 Marriage certificate of George Horner and Anne Maria Gumbleton Moor Crichel Marriage certificate
1901 Dec Qr Marriage registration of Anna Maria Gumbleton Wimborne RD, Dorset, England Civil marriage registers

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