William Edward GUMBLETON

Name: William Edward GUMBLETON  P0101 
Born: 3 Mar 1840   
Parents: George GUMBLETON Frances Anne PENROSE
Died:4 Apr 1911  
Occupation:Horticulturalist  William Edward GUMBLETON
From: The garden. An illustrated weekly journal of horticulture in all its branches by William Robinson (editor). London, 1899, January - July, volume 55. [Source:Wikipedia]
He was an eminent horticulturalist. He is referred to in a number of articles by E.C. Nelson who says that, after leaving Oxford (apparently before graduating) he travelled in Europe with his mother and studied languages, art and music, before settling at Belgrove and specialising in horticulture.

He was not a tolerant person, and there are several accounts of impatience with people and plants of which he didn't approve.

He built up a collection of botanical books which he bequeathed to the Botanical Gardens, Glasnevin.

According to E.C. Nelson's account, he was buried at Belgrove, outside the walled garden, where a limestone slab is engraved with his name and dates.

Arctotis gumbletonii, which he 'raised and flowered', is named after him.  

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