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Gumbleton of GLYNNATORE

Gumbleton, Richard John Maxwell (P2001) of Glynnatore otherwise Castleviw Co. Cork b. 1834.

Lineage: the Gumbletons of Ireland are a branch of the Kentish family Gomeldon of Somerfield, the direct line of which failed in an heiress Meliora Gomeldon (J0009) who m. 1st Thos. Poole esq of Cheshire (J0009a) and 2ndly Thos. Stanley esq of Lancashire (J0009b) attainted in 1715.

The name was written variously as Gumelton or Gombledon by both the English and Irish houses.

An ancestor of the latter William Gomeldon esq is mentioned in a bill filed in the Irish court of Chancery against Randal, Marques of Antrim bearing date 7 Apr 1675. The immediate progenitor of the existing family:

Richard Gumbleton esq (K1001) son & heir of Richard of Ballygarron Co Waterford served as High Sherriff of Waterford in 1732. By his wife a dau. of Drew of Bishopston he left a dau. Anne (K1002) m. to Robt. Daunt esq and a son & successor Richard (L1001) who m. Elizabeth dau of Daniel Conner (L1001a) of Bandon.


  1. Richard (M1001) m. dau of Hamilton O'Hara (M1001a) and had issue: Richard Edward who dsp. in 1819 having devised his seat beautifully situated on the Blackwater to his Brother-in-law Mr. Bushe.
    1. Lavinia (N1003) m. Henry Amyes Bushe (N1003a)
    2. Rebecca (N1001) m. Sir Tristram Ricketts (N1001a)
  2. William of Fort William (M1002) dunm.
  3. Robert Warren (M0101)
  4. George of Marston (M1003)
  5. Henry (M1004) who had issue
    1. Richard of Marston (O1010) who m. Miss Moore (O1010a). Had 1 dau.
    2. William of Curriglass (O1011) m. Miss Purcell (O1011a). Issue
    3. Jane (M1009) m. William Daunt (M1009a)
    4. Mary (M1010) m. Richard Peart (M1010a)
    5. Anne (M1005) m. John Raskleigh (M1005a)
    6. Elizabeth (M1011) m. R. Walton (M1011a)
    7. Sarah (M1007) m. M Cranmer (M1007a)
    8. Catherine (M1008) dunm.

Family motto: Momento Mori

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