Monumental inscriptions

DatePersonSourceTitleLink to details
1657 John GUMBLEDEN The Cambrian Journal, 1860 Monumental inscription for John Gumbleden 1657 Details
7 Jan 1807 Thomas GUMBLETON West Grimstead churchyard, Wiltshire Gravestone of Thomas Gumbleton Details
1831 James GUMBLETON Grave of James Gumbleton, 1831 Details
22 Jun 1849 Gravestone of Mary Gumbleton, 1849 Details
1850 Frances POPE Findmypast Gravestone of Frances Gumbleton Details
30 Jul 1850 Margaret Jane GUMBLETON St Carthagh’s Cathedral, Lismore, Ireland Inscription for Margaret Jane Homfray (nee Gumbleton) Details
18 Jan 1860 Mary GUMBLETON Highgate Cemetery, London Grave of Mary Thorogood (nee Gumbleton) Details
18 Mar 1866 Patrick Gumbleton Gravestone of Patrick Gumbleton, 1866 Details
29 Mar 1872 Henry GUMBLETON Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge Grave of Henry Gumbleton Details
Richard John Maxwell GUMBLETON St Luke Knockmourne, Ireland Grave of Richard John Maxwell Gumbleton and others Details
1889 Gravestone of Margaret Gumbleton, 1889 Details
24 Nov 1908 Margaret Gumbleton Grave of James & Margaret Lawton Details
18 Mar 1914 Morgan GUMBLETON West Grimstead churchyard, Wiltshire Grave of Morgan Gumbleton Details
24 May 1914 Henry Aloysius GUMBLETON Grave of Henry Aloysius Gumbleton, 1914 Details
14 Mar 1915 Reginald Charles GUMBLETON Memorial to Reginald Charles Gumbleton, 1915 Details
William George GUMBLETON West Grimstead churchyard, Wiltshire, 1914-18 War memorial West Grimstead memorial: William Gumbleton Details
23 Jul 1916 William Frederick GUMBLETON Thiepval Memorial, France Memorial to Lance Corporal William Frederick Gumbleton Details
16 Jun 1921 Eliza Jane GUMBLETON Greg Shepherd's family tree on Grave of Eliza Jane CEELY, 1921 Details
6 Oct 1921 Elizabeth GUMBLETON Corfe Castle cemetery, Dorset Grave of Elizabeth Gumbleton, 1921 Details
29 Oct 1923 Alice Maud CASE Findmypast Grave of Alice Maud Gumbleton Details
14 Dec 1923 Henry GUMBLETON Grave of Henry Gumbleton, 1923 Details
20 May 1928 Elizabeth MORGAN Grave of Elizabeth Ann Gumbleton, 1928 Details
Undated Maxwell-Gumbleton papers Hancocke and Maxwell memorials in Twyning church Details
9 Oct 1933 Edward Henry GUMBLETON Greg Shepherd's family tree on Gravestone of Edward Gumbleton, 1933 Details
24 Dec 1940 Edith Mary GUMBLETON Greg Shepherd's family tree on Gravestone of Edith M Gumbleton, 1940 Details
3 Mar 1941 Lawrence GUMBLETON Grave of Laurence Gumbleton, 1941 Details
23 Jul 1944 Stanley Kenneth GUMBLETON Gravestone of S K Gumbleton Details
17 Oct 1945 Michael L GUMBLETON Grave of Rev Michael E Gumbleton Details
18 Oct 1945 Leslie Charles GUMBLETON Grave of Leslie Charles Gumbleton Details
23 Jun 1954 Albert John GUMBLETON Gravestone of Albert John Gumbleton, 1954 Details
29 Aug 1959 Grave of Elizabeth Harrington, nee Gumbleton, 1959 Details
17 Dec 1959 Fred GUMBLETON Findmypast Grave of Fred and Ada Gumbleton Details
1 Aug 1962 Clem Gumbleton Grave of Clem Gumbleton, 1962 Details
2 Dec 1962 Andrea THOMPSON Grave of Andrea Gumbleton Details
9 Jun 1963 Gravestone of Jessie Wilson, nee Gumbleton Details
28 Nov 1967 Emily Gumbleton Grave of Emily Gumbleton Details
1969 Winifred Mary WATSON Grave of Winifred Maxwell-Gumbleton Details
1970 William Thomas GUMBLETON Gravestone of William Thomas Gumbleton Details
11 Apr 1972 Alice Grace GUMBLETON Grave of Alice Grace Gumbleton, 1972 Details
9 May 1973 Edwin George GUMBLETON Englefield Green Cemetery, Surrey Grave of Iris and Edward Gumbleton Details
19 Jul 1973 Florence CHISLETT Grave of Florence Gumbleton, 1973 Details
18 May 1976 Keith GUMBLETON Greg Shepherd's family tree on Gravestone of Keith (Swampy) Gumbleton, 1976 Details
Ethel Emily Gumbleton Findmypast Grave of Ethel Emily Gumbleton Details
26 Jun 1989 John Harry Walter Gumbleton Grave of John Harry Walter Gumbleton Details
25 Jul 1989 James Albert Gumbleton Grave of James Albert Gumbleton, 1989 Details
9 Feb 1995 Florence GUMBLETON Grave of Florence Elizabeth Marlowe Details
4 Oct 2018 George B GUMBLETON Grave of George B Gumbleton, 2018 Details

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