Shaftesbury, Dorset, England

Carey's 1792 map
Shaftesbury is a market town in the northern part of the county of Dorset, England. It is situated close to the boundary with Wiltshire and is about 20 miles west of Salisbury. It is about 20 miles from the south coast of England.

Shaftesbury consists of three main parishes: Holy Trinity, St James and St Peter. The adjacent parish of Cann is sometimes loosely regarded as part of Shaftesbury.

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, 2016

Events associated with Shaftesbury, Dorset, England

18 Jan 1787 Baptism of Robert GUMBLETON Robert GUMBLETON Baptisms index
29 Jan 1856 Marriage of John GUMBLETON and Mary GRAY John GUMBLETON Marriage index
26 May 1859 Burial of Edwin Thomas GUMBLETON Edward/Edwin Charles GUMBLETON Burials index
17 Dec 1862 Burial of Robert GUMBLETON Robert GUMBLETON Burials index
Feb 1866 Marriage of Mary Ann GUMBLETON and Joseph ELLIOTT Mary GUMBLETON Marriage index
28 Jul 1872 Baptism of Rose GUMBLETON Rosa GUMBLETON Baptisms index
1920 Marriage of Ellen Louisa GUMBLETON and Charlie Roswell Elsie Louisa GUMBLETON Marriage index
ca. 1927 Marriage of Bertie James GUMBLETON and Lydia Viney Bertie James GUMBLETON Marriage index
1934 Marriage of Mary Ellena May GUMBLETON and Walter Stokes Mary Ellena May GUMBLETON Marriage index
Jun 1935 Marriage of Edith Maud GUMBLETON and Edgar Harold HOSKINS Edith Maud GUMBLETON Marriage index
1940 Marriage of Evelyn Kate GUMBLETON and William Silman Evelyn Kate GUMBLETON Marriage index

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