1841 Census for England & Wales

The 1841 census for England and Wales was held on the night of Sunday 6 June 1841. It listed only the Names of occupants of a dwelling; their ages, occupations and whether or not they were born within the county.

44 Grosvenor Row, Pimlico, Middlesex

(HO 107/732/8 fol. 53 p5)
Richard GUMBLETON 38 Grocer Not in County
Mary GUMBLETON 33 Not in County
George S??? 18 Grocer Shopman In County
Thomas Mabson 16 Errand Boy Not in County

East Lane, Walworth

(HO107/1064/11 fol. 21 p1)
Joseph GUMBLETON 32 Cordwainer Not in County
Lydia GUMBLETON 35 Not in County
Lydia GUMBLETON 6 Not in County
Richard Gumbleton 4 In County
John Gumbleton 2 In County
Mary Anne GUMBLETON 1 In County

Heath St, Hampstead

(HO 107/674/3 fol 8 p9)
Ann GUMBLETON 60 Milliner Not in County
Mary GUMBLETON 25 Milliner Not in County
Elizabeth GUMBLETON 20 Milliner Not in County
Maria GUMBLETON 20 Milliner Not in County
Jane Crawford 15 Apprentice In County
Jane Ca...ant 20 Apprentice In County
Jane White 20 Apprentice Not in County
Ann Whitaker 15 Apprentice In County
Charlotte Drawbridge? 15 Apprentice Not in County
Mary May 20 Servant Not in County

West Grimstead, Alderbury, Wilts

(HO 107/1164/7/6&7)
GUMBLETON Samuel 60 Carrier In County
GUMBLETON Betty 62 In County
GUMBLETON William 24 Ag Lab In County
GUMBLETON Martha 23 In County
GUMBLETON Morgan 3 In County

East Meon, Hampshire

(HO 107/396/9 fol 13 p20)
James TRIBE 20 Ag Lab Hampshire
Ann TRIBE 20 Hampshire
Martha GUMBLETON 85 Hampshire

Ibstock, Leicestershire

(HO 107/601/10 fol23 )
James REVIL 55 Shoemaker Leicestershire
Sarah REVIL 50 Not in county
Nathaniel CROOKER 25 Journeyman shoemaker Leicestershire
Sarah CROOKER 20 Not in county
Josiah GUMBLETON 7 Not in county

Poor Houses, St James St, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Robert GUMBLETON 55 Ag Lab In county
Frances GUMBLETON 45 In county
Jane GUMBLETON 15 In county
John GUMBLETON 9 In county
Mary GUMBLETON 4 In county

Tanyard Lane, Shaftesbury, Dorset

(HO 107/295/3)
John GUMBLETON 41 Tanner In county
Elizabeth GUMBLETON 40 Not in county
Charles GUMBLETON 16 In county
Lucy GUMBLETON 14 In county
Hannah GUMBLETON 12 In county
Elizabeth GUMBLETON 7 In county
George GUMBLETON 4 In county
Lydia GUMBLETON 1 In county

Beauworth, Hampshire

(HO107/403/12 fol 3 p16)
Samuel GUMBLETON 50 Ag Lab Hampshire
Lucy GUMBLETON 40 Hampshire
Hannah GUMBLETON 14 Hampshire
Richard GUMBLETON 10 Hampshire
Sarah GUMBLETON 7 Hampshire
Mary GUMBLETON 4 Hampshire

Winchester College, Hampshire

(HO 107/410/14 fol 2 p2)
Robert Willm. GUMBLETON 15 Schoolboy Ireland

Floe St, Walthamstow, Essex

(HO 107/323/19 fol 21 p2)
May GUMBLETON 45 Female servant Not in county

Dewlish, Dorset

George CUMBLETON 35 Ag lab Dorset
Jane CUMBLETON 40 Dorset
Robert CUMBLETON 15 Dorset
Joseph CUMBLETON 10 Dorset
Charles CUMBLETON 8 Dorset
Elizabeth CUMBLETON 6 Dorset
George CUMBLETON 3 Dorset
Hannah CUMBLETON 1 Dorset

Church Row, St John's Horsley Down, Bermondsey, Surrey

(HO107/1087 p8-12 & 1088 p11-12)
James Gumbleton 64 Book keeper Not in county
Mary Ann Gumbleton 66 In county
Mary GUMBLETON 40 In county
Harriet GUMBLETON 24 In county
George LIVENS 23 Grocer Not in county
Maria HARRISON 23 Draper's assistant Not in county

Truro, Kenwyn, Cornwall

(HO107/147 Bk.15 Fol.16 p25)
Sarah GUMBLETON 20 Teacher? Not in county
Cath BAYLIS 35 Teacher Not in county

Exeter St, Salisbury St Martin, Witshire

(HO 107/1190/4 fol 15 p23)
Ann GUMBLETON 80 Ind Wiltshire
Ann EASTON 70 Ind Wiltshire
Elizabeth PEACH 20 FS Wiltshire

Ham House, West Ham

(HO 107/323/10 fol 10 p14)
Hannah GUMBLETON 30 FS Not in county

Singleton, Sussex

(HO 107/1104/12 fol 2 p1)
Harriett GUMBLETON 20 FS Not in county

Wapping Street, Tower Hamlets

Edward LACKMAN [?] 37 Corn dealer Not in county
Ann LACKMAN 38 Not in county
Alicia LACKMAN 3 Middlesex
Lucy LACKMAN 1 Middlesex
John GUMBLETON 20 Sh Not in county
Sarah WRIGHT 17 FS Not in county

Crichell Street, Long Critchell, Dorset

(HO 107/287/12)
Charles GOMBELTON 15 Ag Lab Dorset

Crichell Street, Long Critchell, Dorset

(HO 107/287/12 p.5)
Samuel GOMBELTON 50 Ag lab Not in county
Ann GOMBELTON 25 Dorset
George GOMBELTON 20 Dorset
Charlotte GOMBELTON 15 Dorset
William GOMBELTON 13 Dorset
Henry GOMBELTON 1 Dorset

West Grimstead, Wiltshire

(HO 107/1164/7 p.5)
Mary GUMBLETON 55 School M Ireland
Ann GUMBLETON 38 Wiltshire
Solomon GUMBLETON 3 Wiltshire
Harriett GUMBLETON 1 Wiltshire

Gussage St Andrew

(HO107/288 Book 15 Fol.6 p.6)
John GUMBLEM 60 Ag Lab In County
James GUMBLEM 20 In County

Witchampton, Dorset

(HO107/289 Fol.11 p.16)
Elizabeth ADEMS 40 - Dorset
Sarah PARSONS 45 - Dorset
Mary GUMBLETON 20 - Dorset

Finsbury, St Luke, Ironmonger St

(HO107/666 Fol.21 p.34)
Benjamin GUMBLETON 40 Silversmith Middlesex
Theodosia GUMBLETON 25 Middlesex
Benjamin GUMBLETON 2 Middlesex
Harriet GUMBLETON 20 Middlesex

Gainey Court, Newport, Monmouthshire

(HO107/751 Fol.22 p.15)
William Gumbleton 30 Ireland
Joanah Gumbleton 30 Ireland
Margaret Gumbleton 3 Ireland
Thomas Gumbleton 2 Ireland
Elizabeth Gumbleton 1 Ireland

Caversham, Oxfordshire

(HO107/874 Fol.11; p.15)
Walter MAY 30 Independent Not in county
Mary Ann MAY 20 Not in County
George MAY 3 Not in County
Elizabeth MAY 1 In county
Arthur MAY 9m In County
Mary SIMS 20 F.S. Not in county
Eliza SWEITZER 20 F.S. Not in County
Ann BELCHER 25 F.S. Not in County
Richard GUMBOLTON 15 M.S. Not in County

Aldingbourn, Sussex

(HO107/1100 Fol.21 p.7)
James Gumbalton 55 Ag lab In County
Mary Gumbalton 45 In County
Stephen Gumbalton 15 In County
Samuel Gumbalton 11 In County
William Gumbalton 9 In County
Richard Gumbalton 7 In County
Elizabeth Gumbalton 5 In County
Isaac Gumbalton 2 In County

East Dean, Sussex

(HO107/1104 Fol.6 p.7)
Robert KENNET 50 Woodcutter Sussex
Elizabeth KENNET 45 Sussex
Benjamin KENNET 20 Woodcutter Sussex
Chas KENNET 15 Woodcutter Sussex
Aaron KENNET 15 Woodcutter Sussex
Caroline KENNET 14 Sussex
Emily KENNET 8 Sussex
Robert GUMBLETON 20 Hurdle Maker Sussex

Whiteparish, Wiltshire

(HO107/1176 Fol.42 p.13)
William Hayter 30 Sawyer In County
Clarissa Hayter 30 In County
Sarah Hayter 6 In County
Easter Hayter 2 In County
Alfred Hayter 5m In County
John Gumbleton 33 Police constable Not in county

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